Bears Rated G

Bears G PT78M


Disney nature's 2014 motion picture 'Bears' cozies up to the brown bears who call Alaska's stunning coastal mountains and shores their home, revealing through tender moments and entertaining imagery how these animals are far from grizzly creatures.

Running Time
1 hr 18 min
Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey
John C. Reilly
Release Date
April 18, 2014

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  • @valerieaaustin

    Come on #Netflix. Why did you get rid of the original Care Bears movie? Every time my son likes something it's gone. 😡

  • @djwaynesmith371

    RT @AthleteAccess: Which baseball movie is better? RT for Sandlot FAV for Bad News Bears

  • @dad_bears

    this Steve jobs movie is gonna be so good!!!! and I truly don't care about Steve jobs no slander big guy rip

  • @burr86

    "There are no bears in San Francisco!" has got to be the best line in any Pixar movie ever. 😍😍

  • @USATeddyBears

    Hop Movie Build -A-Bear 10 In Bunny Rabbit Fluffy Plush #usa #teddybears #teddies #bears

  • @HotDeals16

    The Care Bears Big Wish Movie

  • @ryjamesgraham

    watching the care bears movie has me feeling all nostalgic