Beautiful Creatures Rated PG13

Beautiful Creatures PG13 PT124M


A supernatural romance. A hauntingly intense coming of age story set in the South, 'Beautiful Creatures' is about two star-crossed teenage lovers, Ethan, a local boy, and a mysterious new girl, Lena, who uncover dark secrets about their families, their history and their town.

Running Time
2 hr 4 min
Release Date
February 14, 2013

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  • @lucafex

    Beautiful Creatures still amaze to watch 🌹💽👻 #movie #lenaduchannes #book #beautifulcreatures #quotes #love lucilxlu

  • @iamjohnduarte

    I had the pleasure of swimming next to these beautiful creatures yesterday afternoon. It wasn't scary at all. Movie…

  • @__Anjjjj

    Beautiful Creatures. This movie.

  • @Pika_Taylor_Chu

    Beautiful creatures the movie left so much of the book out. I saw the movie first and and already like the book better

  • @DemieRiesgo

    The movie beautiful creatures is😍😍😍 aghhh

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    Beautiful creatures is the best movie in the whole wide world tbh #beautifulcreatures

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    Fav. Movie mo? — Beautiful Creatures/Pitch Perfect.