• Oct 3, 2018
  • Drama

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    Khalid Klein is an Iranian-Canadian film and television actor. Portraying a vast array of impressive characters. From his small screen appearances in Heroes Reborn (2015) , Private Eyes (2016) and Killjoys (2015) . In a period of a few short years, to securing a supporting role in Telefilm's Becoming Burlesque (2017). Following that, an appearance in Aaron Sorkin 's highly anticipated directorial debut for Molly's Game (2017) helped land a follow up performance in the exciting and visually stunning Sci-Fi action film Kin (2018) Khalid has now completed filming for his first starring role as Aaron; in the adaptation of Canadian author Robert W. Gray award winning book Entropic, re-written for the screen and directed by the original author himself. Khalid has proven yet again that he shows up on set studied, well-prepared and with a bottomless motivation to take on the surrealist skin of this project and explore the boundaries of objectification in this modern world. His ability to discern and absorb the concepts necessary to such a role proved a keen resource throughout this project. Born to working-class parents, he immigrated with them as a small child and lost himself in the diverse cultural offerings of this new home. Khalid's natural affinity to engage, entertain and move others has driven a life-long determination stemming from his exposure to theatre in childhood drama courses. Since then he has worked towards, becoming a dependable and hard-working actor. He had poured himself into auditions for Arts programs in High School but financial instabilities drew him into helping his family and working as a carpenter from a young age. At eighteen, just finishing his Diploma from Langstaff Secondary, he partnered up and opened his own carpentry business, following in the footsteps of his father. It was a tough gig, but over the years his thoughts never strayed far from the acute calling ringing at the back of his mind. He gave in and redirected the brunt of his effort into honing his skills in a far more fulfilling career path; acting. The attentive command over his business now transferred to his command of role and character psychology, actively engaging with directors and fellow cast members to tease out intricacies of script and live them out on screen by presenting believable and emotionally engaging performances time and again. Versatility, handsome features, and dedication of skill and craft are all on display as Khalid works, performs and compels audiences, fans and production teams alike, drawing them forward and into the fantastic worlds on screen with each project he has been a part of, paving the way for further roles of endless scope and perspective.




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