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Following a ship wreck, a baby is rescued by a clan of Ninja warriors and raised by them as one of their own. But Haru, as he is called, never quite fits in, nor does he manage to make a worthy Ninja. However, the good-natured and persevering Haru, in his own bumbling way, and with some help from Gobei, manages to prove himself to be a winner in the end

  • PG13
  • Jan 17, 1997
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Chris FarleyActor

  • Nicollette SheridanActor

  • Robin ShouActor

  • Chris RockActor

  • Nathaniel ParkerActor

  • Dennis DuganDirector

  • Brad KrevoyProducer

  • Bradley JenkelProducer

  • Tony ShimkinProducer

  • Mark FeldbergWriter