The second floor of a certain multi-tenant building. When Kato is about to play the guitar, a voice comes out from the TV. Looking at it, his face is on the screen. Moreover, he is talking to himself. 'I'm the future, I'm two minutes later'. Apparently, the room on the 2nd floor where Kato is and the cafe on the 1st floor are connected with a time difference of 2 minutes. The regulars of the cafe who know the existence of 'Time TV' and face each other to find out about the future ahead. In addition, the neighbor barber Megumi, a Yami gold trader who has an office on the 5th floor, and a mysterious duo visiting a cafe are involved, and 'temporal howling' accelerates the situation to make things complicated. They are at the end of Droste.

  • Jan 7, 2022
  • Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Riko FujitaniActor

  • Aki AsakuraActor

  • Kazunari TosaActor

  • Gota IshidaActor

  • Yoshifumi SakaiActor

  • Junta YamaguchiDirector

  • Kazuhisa YoshidaProducer

  • Takahiro OtsukiProducer

  • Makoto UedaWriter