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Black Box (Boite noire) is a French techno-thriller about the unraveling of events behind a deadly plane crash as Mathieu, a brilliant young black-box analyst with an extraordinarily acute ear, becomes increasingly obsessed by inexplicable evidence that doesn?t add up. Spiraling further and further downward into the realms of paranoia, conspriacy theory, and corporate corruption, Mathieu gradually loses credibility with his superiors and begins his own rogue investigation, a compulsive and dangerous quest to uncover the sordid truth that will quickly threaten far more than his career.

  • 2 hr 9 minNR
  • Feb 5, 2022
  • Suspense

Cast & Crew

  • Pierre NineyActor

  • Marine VacthActor

  • Lou de LaageActor

  • Olivier RabourdinActor

  • Andre DussollierActor

  • Sebastien PouderouxActor

  • Yann GozlanDirector

  • Wassim BejiProducer

  • Matthias WeberProducer

  • Thibault GastProducer