Young Toto is known, both at school and at home, to be a master prankster. Whether it's scalding his father in the shower or knocking down strangers, Toto doesn't miss one. During an event organized by his father's boss, a sculpture is overturned. Obviously, everyone accuses Toto, who proclaims his innocence loud and clear. Determined not to wear the hat which, for once, does not suit him, he asks his friends to investigate this incident to find the real culprit.

  • Aug 14, 2020
  • Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Ramzy BediaActor

  • Anne MarivinActor

  • Guillaume de TonquedecActor

  • Gavril DartevelleActor

  • Isabelle CandelierActor

  • Pauline ClementActor

  • Simon FaliuActor

  • Jean-Francois CayreyActor

  • Daniel PrevostActor

  • Pascal BourdiauxDirector