Sam, a lowly mechanic at RoboWorld Theme Park spends his time assembling robotic amusements and dreaming about his childhood sweetheart Sue, the popular news anchor of the biggest TV channel in the city. Under the mistaken impression that only a Bling Ring and an elaborate spectacle can get the girl of your dreams, Sam decides to woo her during RoboWorld's biggest ever Valentine's Day parade show. But when super Villain Oscar shows up with his own Super Bling Ring containing a switch which will allow him to awaken a giant robot to destroy the city, Sam's plans are thrown into utter disarray. Mistaking Sam's ring for his own, Oscar makes off with the prized jewel and now Sam and his crack team of Robot sidekicks must track down the ring and save the city, learning on the way that it's not Bling but courage that wins hearts and minds.

  • Animation

Cast & Crew

  • James WoodsActor

  • Taylor KitschActor


  • TOM GREENActor


  • JON HEDERActor

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