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The movie features Rin and his friends in the midst of preparing for a festival which is celebrated once every 11 years in True Cross Academy Town. As everyone in town is busy arranging for the festival, a 'ghost train' goes berserk while the barriers protecting the city from demon intrusions were under repair. Rin and his twin brother Yukio are sent to the scene as reinforcements, and on their way meet a demon in the form of a young boy. Meanwhile, Cheng-Long Liu, a Senior Exorcist First Class from the Taiwan Branch joins them in the repair operation and the story takes an unexpected turn as their fates cross.

Release Date
August 17, 2013

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  • @TatianaDeJesus5

    Marked Blue Exorcist Movie as Want to Watch - #animeplanet


    months later im still crying over blue exorcist movie

  • @FicCharacter

    Watching the Blue Exorcist movie đź‘€ #becauseidontwanttostudy #andmybrotherishereso

  • @Aysraaaaaaaffff

    The Blue Exorcist movie is soo..... powerful. It made me shed a tear :'(

  • @Lust_4Anime

    I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Menu Screening #2-Blue Exorcist Movie + Sword Art Online Boxset 1-4

  • @Anime_Everyday

    Ive not seen the Blue Exorcist movie, but i dont really want to.

  • @Anime_Everyday

    There playing The Girl Who Lept through time, Patema Inverted & the Blue Exorcist movie.