Jim and Amanda are former high-school sweethearts who reunite unexpectedly in the sleepy California mountain town where they grew up, and grew apart. Twenty years on, each has taken a markedly different path in life -- he works odd construction jobs in Tuscon and 'hasn't got it all figured out'; she's married to an older man, a reluctant step-mom who never wanted kids. But the old sparks still burn strong. One coffee in the local diner turns to a day (and night) spent wandering through the past, where the middle-aged 'famous lovebirds' relive the joy and pain that brought them together and sent them reeling into separate futures. Starring Mark Duplass ('Togetherness,' THE ONE I LOVE) and Sarah Paulson ('American Horror Story,' 'The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story'), BLUE JAY is a beautifully orchestrated (and photographed) romantic drama from director-cinematographer Alex Lehmann and writer-producer Duplass that looks back wistfully and wisely at the big what if: Could your high-school sweetheart be your one true love?

  • Comedy

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  • Sarah Paulson

    Sarah PaulsonActor



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    Alex LehmannDirector

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    XAN ARANDAProducer

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    Mel EslynProducer

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