New York marketing exec Marcus Graham is a wolf in chic clothing, a ladies' man dedicated to the life, liberty, and the happiness of pursuit. But what goes around comes around in Eddie Murphy's clever romantic comedy Boomerang. Murphy, in a performance loaded with his trademark charm and wit, is suave go-getter Graham. If you've got the curves, he's got the angles...until he meets a smart, stylish woman who treats men the same way he treats women. How Graham copes with the experience and what he learns from it spark this entertaining romp. Catch a Boomerang - it's great fun!

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  • Jul 1, 1992
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Eddie MurphyActor

  • Halle BerryActor

  • Robin GivensActor

  • Tisha CampbellActor

  • Geoffrey HolderActor

  • John WitherspoonActor

  • Martin LawrenceActor

  • Eartha KittActor

  • Grace JonesActor

  • Chris RockActor