Borrar De La Memoria Rated NR

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Based on a true story. Tenacious journalist, German Acosta, writes a book about a brutal unsolved murder. Set against the backdrop of the 1968 student massacre, this is the story of Diana Ines, a young girl who was found dismembered in July that same year. Following the student massacre in Tlatelolco, the Mexican government reported that four people had been killed and 20 wounded, while eyewitnesses maintained seeing hundreds of bodies being driven away. Now, more than 40 years later, Acosta assumes the task of uncovering the truth behind the crimes at great personal risk. German focuses on finding justice for Diana's heinous murder and gruesome discovery as a dismembered corpse discarded like trash in a dumpster. Along the way, German discovers the girl's love interest, Roberto Renteria, a young photographer who died under mysterious circumstances while filming a controversial political documentary. In a dedicated effort to force a country from denial to reconciliation and closure, German begins to piece things together and discovers a violent and passionate history about love, persecution, and murder.

Alfredo Gurrola
Adalberto Parra
Release Date
January 22, 2016