Boyhood Rated R

Boyhood R PT163M


Filmed over short periods from 2002 to 2013, BOYHOOD is a groundbreaking cinematic experience covering 12 years in the life of a family. At the center is Mason, who with his sister Samantha, is taken on an emotional and transcendent journey through the years, from childhood to adulthood.

Running Time
2 hr 43 min
Richard Linklater
Ellar Coltrane, Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette
Release Date
July 11, 2014

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    United Kingdom 31. Boyhood - Richard Linklater #Movies #iTunes #iPhone #Apple

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    Boyhood looks like a pretty cool movie

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    I just finished watching Boyhood, best movie I've seen in a long time

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    RT @ThatSierraKid: Boyhood was a really good movie!

  • @ThatSierraKid

    Boyhood was a really good movie!

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    I'm in tears now watching this movie called Boyhood it's so good 😭

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    Boyhood was an awesome movie, I saw myself and everyone I know I'm that movie.