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Based on the popular Newberry Award-winning novel, 'Bridge to Terabithia' is a fantasy/adventure story of friendship, family & the power of imagination. Jess Aarons is an outsider at school & even his own family. Jess has trained all summer to become the fastest kid in his middle school class, but his goal is unexpectedly thwarted by the new girl at school, Leslie Burke, who competes in the 'boys only' race & wins. Despite their awkward introduction, the two outsiders quickly become best friends. Leslie loves to tell stories of fantasy & magic. Jess loves to draw, but until he met Leslie it was something he kept to himself. Leslie opens a new world of imagination for Jess. Together they create the secret kingdom of Terabithia, a magical place only accesible by swinging on an old rope over a stream in the woods near their homes. There, the friends rule the kingdom, fight the Dark Master & his creatures & plot against the school bullies. Thanks to his friendship with Leslie, Jess is changed for good.

  • 1 hr 36 minPG
  • Feb 16, 2007
  • Family