Tultepec is what you might call an 'explosive' Mexican city --over two-thirds of its residents manufacture fireworks. Each year, the town's inhabitants cautiously begin the dangerous work of crafting handmade fireworks for the annual National Pyrotechnic Festival that attracts thousands of spectators. Neighborhoods contribute by constructing house-sized paper mache bulls that when set ablaze are wheeled wildly through the crowds. With droves of ambulances and paramedics standing by, people come from all over, believing that dancing and reveling treacherously close to the flaming bulls and fireworks will bless them and their communities for the year to come. Director Viktor Jakovleski uses GoPros and a flying drone that soar high above, abstracting and widening the vista of the festival and taking viewers on a magical cinematic journey through the sparks and flames that ignite the night skies.

  • Oct 27, 2017
  • Documentary

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