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When disgraced cop turned private detective Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) is hired by NYC's mayor (Russell Crowe) to tail his wife, he uncovers a city-wide conspiracy involving corruption, sex, and murder. As Billy digs deeper into the evidence, and with his life threatened at every turn, he finds himself faced with an impossible choice, one that could have disastrous repercussions for his career and his family.

Running Time
1 hr 49 min
Release Date
January 18, 2013

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    I liked a @YouTube video Broken City Movie Makeup

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    I Watched "Broken City" last night. Good movie.

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    Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe are back with their new up coming movie BROKEN CITY. Watch the trailer here...

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  • @SSilvermanNews

    Broken City Full Movie - YouTube

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