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In 1968, Peace Corps veteran David Schickele enlisted his friend Paul Eyam Nzie Okpokam to star in a light-hearted comedy about the adventures of a well-educated Nigerian immigrant in San Francisco. Using a docu-fictional style reminiscent of Cassavetes' Shadows, the film observes the foibles of late 1960s African-American culture with an outsider's incisive eye. The result is a vibrant snapshot of the nation's racial politics, from interracial romance to cross-cultural misunderstandings and countercultural joy. The film morphs into a documentary when the director's voice abruptly intrudes to narrate its star?s enraging fate: Okpokam was accused of a crime he did not commit and was thrown in prison before being expelled from the country.

  • 1 hr 13 minNR
  • Feb 2, 2024
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Paul Eyam Nzie OkpokanActor

  • Elaine FeatherstoneActor

  • Jack NanceActor

  • David SchickeleDirector

  • David SchickeleProducer

  • David SchickeleWriter