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'Calendar Girls' is based on the true story of a group of women who bare all - or nearly all - for charity and become international celebrities as a result. The Women's Institute, in Great Britain, encourages the ancient skills of jam-making, flower pressing, knitting and baking. So when a group of extraordinary women are looking for a new way to raise money, they decide to take the annual WI calendar, normally featuring landscapes or flowers, and create something traditional - but with a twist. Behind the baked goods, the apple pressing and the flower arranging, the women are completely nude. 'Calendar Girls' is a comedy of outsize proportions.

  • 1 hr 48 minPG13
  • Dec 19, 2003
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Helen MirrenActor

  • Julie WaltersActor

  • Linda BassettActor

  • John FortuneActor

  • John AldertonActor

  • Annette CrosbieActor

  • Celia ImrieActor

  • Ciaran HindsActor

  • Geraldine JamesActor

  • Graham CrowdenActor