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Eli's life is nightmare. On his 10th birthday Eli is taken to the hospital by police who respond to a domestic disturbance call. Eli is removed from his home and is placed in Locustwood, a facility little better than a youth prison. In this environment Eli spirals downward, becoming an angry and scared creature. Meanwhile, to impress a potential new client, investment advisor Ken Matthews signs up to be a camp counselor and gets paired with Eli. Over the course of camp, Kenas heart is broken as he learns about Eli's dark past. Eli slowly opens up to Ken as he starts to love Eli unconditionally. Eli begins to have hope.

Running Time
1 hr 51 min
Release Date
February 22, 2013

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  • @SaitejaJavvadi

    Goosebumps movie!!! What will it be? Monster blood? Living dummy? Ghost camp? A completely new story? Hopefully...

  • @noahtobin

    Someone else knows that movie! RT @tezcatlipoca They look like oxygen tanks from "Space Camp"

  • @HotFiredArts

    The kids' Spring Break Camp and Movie Night projects turned out great! ! Mark your calendars for our…

  • @kiratchet

    I love Camp Rock and anybody who says it isn't a great movie should go re-evaluate his/her pathetic existence

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  • @AliceM78

    Successful day #4 of Spring Camp! Tomorrow movie & origami!! #funtimes #theseyoungstersareexhausting

  • @dj6ual

    #Mp3 Everything Is Awesome!!! (Feat. The Lonely Island) by Tegan & Sara #Music From #Album The Lego® Movie Soundtrack