Camp Sawi Rated NR

Camp Sawi PT0M
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Romantic comedy movie about five young women struggling to fix their broken hearts. To try and get over their messed up relationships, they attend a camp for the broken-hearted. Little do they know that attending the camp would change them in ways they would not expect.

Romantic Comedy
Irene Villamor
Andi Eigenmann, Arci Munoz, Yassi Pressman
Release Date
September 9, 2016

Movie Buzz

  • @abeltherese

    RT @Dexterumalii: Camp Sawi is the right movie for us @abeltherese @shairuuuuh 😂hahahahahahah :(

  • @Dexterumalii

    Camp Sawi is the right movie for us @abeltherese @shairuuuuh 😂hahahahahahah :(

  • @kenchinamooo

    Done watching Camp Sawi that was a nice movie 👌👏💔

  • @official_jd01

    Movie about how beautiful 2nd chances are: Camp Sawi. #ALDUBIkawLang

  • @KrizthelJade

    Camp sawi, nerve, friend request movie marathon oyea! 😎

  • @mjcpencabo

    I dunno what I expected from the movie 'Camp Sawi'. Perhaps they didn't discuss my situation, maybe that's why I wasn't at all satisfied. 😪

  • @beatricecincooo

    Which was the last good movie you watched? — for me this is good 😋 camp sawi 🙊