Cenerentola, La (Cinderella) (2016) Rated NR

Cenerentola, La (Cinderella) (2016) PT0M
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The folk tale known throughout the world, written by Charles Perrault, but made popular by the Brothers Grimm, was brought to life on stage in 1817 when Rossini created his own adaptation of the story in only 24 days. Set in the early Opera Buffa period, CINDERELLA is a jubilant masterpiece charged with magical delight. As one of Rossini's best-known operas, it's characterized by everyday settings, local dialects, and simple vocal writing. The prince, played by Juan Francisco Gatell, is accompanied by a servant, with whom he switches clothes in order to better assess the attraction that drives his heart. Physically radiant mezzo-soprano, Serena Malfi, makes this production irresistible with her honeyed voice and perfect timbre. The staging of the definitively talented Emma Dante is innovative, somewhat provocative and fresh.

Special Events
Alejo Perez, Emma Dante
Release Date
May 24, 2016