Catherine and Yann have been a happy couple for several years. One day, Yann quits his job and finds himself at home, in search of a new passion. He will find it in the cultivation of bonsai, something that Catherine finds it difficult to understand. The more this passion develops for Yann, the more Catherine feels alone in her relationship. Things will go from bad to worse when their daughter Anna and her partner Thomas move in with them, after having experienced a problem with the apartment they had to rent. Cohabitation will certainly not be easy for these two opposing couples in life.

  • 1 hr 24 min
  • Jul 16, 2021
  • Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Michele LaroqueActor

  • Stephane de GroodtActor

  • Alice de LencquesaingActor

  • Virginia AndersonActor

  • Olga MouakActor

  • Farid AfifiActor

  • Lola BurbailActor

  • Olivier RosenbergActor

  • Michele LaroqueDirector

  • Alain TerzianProducer