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Based on the inspirational true story of surfing icon Jay Moriarty, CHASING MAVERICKS tells the story of a young man's quest to surf Northern California's most dangerous wave, and the local legend who takes him under his wing. What begins as a mentorship turns into a unique lifelong bond, as the two unlikely friends discover that there is nothing more powerful than pushing your limits and chasing a nearly impossible dream.

Running Time
1 hr 55 min
Release Date
October 26, 2012

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  • @tookawenski_98

    Chasing mavericks was a great movie๐Ÿ˜

  • @CROWEbraStarshp

    Chasing Mavericks? More like Chasing Bad Flicks! Not a fan of this movie @GerardButler

  • @E_Bowman4

    Chasing Mavericks has me in tears. Such a good movie!! ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ’™

  • @diguitrindas

    RT @Jonnywestonfans: Chasing mavericks= best movie ever made. #ChasingMavericks #JonnyWeston #JayMoriarity

  • @maribas_99

    RT @Jonnywestonfans: Chasing mavericks= best movie ever made. #ChasingMavericks #JonnyWeston #JayMoriarity

  • @MeganMcCabe__

    Love the movie chasing mavericks

  • @MarjorieBucky

    Chasing mavericks best movie ever