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Joe Farrel, former foreman, intended not to go into exile during the winter at a site away from the concession, wanting to stay close to his girlfriend, Liza, haberdasher of the village, whom he married in the spring. But when a suspicious fire destroyed the land he cultivates, he is obliged to accept the offer of the notary and return to the yards. Winter is harsh and misfortunes are linked. Joe learns that even Liza is about to marry another man. On New Year's Eve, a woodcutter tells him the legend of the CHASSE-GALERIE. With the help of this and other workers, Joe will make a pact with the devil and will take place in a flying canoe hoping to win back the woman of his dreams.

  • Suspense

Cast & Crew

  • Francis Ducharme

    Francis DucharmeActor

  • Cast Image

    Francois PapineauActor

  • Caroline Dhavernas

    Caroline DhavernasActor

  • Cast Image

    Hubert ProulxActor

  • Vincent-Guillaume Otis

    Vincent-Guillaume OtisActor

  • Samian


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