Chhokari Vinanu Gaam Rated NR

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CHHOKARI VINANU GAAM is the story of a village without any women. Long time ago, men and women here used to live in harmony, but due to the cruel societal diktats of always birthing a boy, the town starts killing their infant girls. Seeing this atrocity a sage woman curses the village that it will forever remain without women. Since the curse this once happy village turns into a remote and deserted village without any joy or happiness or women. All men are worried and anxious to see a woman enter their village. Soon the local University sends a female student Bahar to this remote village and joy abounds. Every man, young and old, wants to marry Bahar, but she has eyes only for Raj. Eventually they get married and Bahar is soon pregnant, but will she deliver a baby girl? Will the new child break the age old Village curse? Watch this madcap comedy to see the results.

Rajesh Bhatt
Devami Pandya, Raaj Kumar
Release Date
August 19, 2016