In this New Year our favorite characters of CHRISTMAS TREES do not do anything but nonsense and hope for a miracle. Boris needs to restore the family fortune somehow, and for this he is ready to steal a penguin from his best friend Zhenya. Skier and Snowboarder, still not grown up, arrange a crazy pursuit of the Christmas tree. Granma Manya learns how to use an Internet to search online for the old love. Professor is settled down, but not his other half and he goes mad with jealousy. Industrial Safety Engineer, who works in the extreme North, must take the risk, and finally, pronounce a declaration of love. The penguin simply just need to sit on the egg...

  • Comedy

Cast & Crew


  • Ivan UrgantActor

  • Katerina ShpitsaActor

  • Yuriy KutsenkoActor


  • Timur BekmambetovDirector

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