Cocktail Rated NR

Cocktail NR PT150M


'Cocktail' is a romantic story about a hilarious and dramatic summer in the lives of three strangers in London who inadvertently become best friends and start living together. Everything seems to be perfect until love comes to town! It's a contemporary story about the interplay between friendship and romantic love and how in the truest sense one really can't exist without the other so if one did HAVE to make a choice, what would you choose? Set against the vibrant and luscious backdrop of London and Cape Town, this is a comical, new-age and warm celebration of relationships exploring various choices that life may offer and the extraordinary choices that ordinary people make.

Running Time
2 hr 30 min
Release Date
July 13, 2012

Movie Buzz

  • @emsapsford

    Father-daughter cocktail and horror movie bonding time ☺️

  • @studentactivism

    Five high school girls are making a movie behind me. The one in the cocktail gown is an unrepentant murderer on the lam.

  • @AmstLiftOff

    RT @AviationCocktal: Now on iTunes! #AviationCocktail #SupportIndieFilm

  • @ConamaraKid

    "Cocktail" (1988) is a horrid movie (F) #ConamaraViews <np2pli>

  • @Jamtfilm

    RT @AviationCocktal: Now on iTunes! #AviationCocktail #SupportIndieFilm

  • @AviationCocktal

    Now on iTunes! #AviationCocktail #SupportIndieFilm

  • @adamseger

    Great to be back in sunny Florida for a Tuck Room Lifestyle/Cocktail photo shoot for @ipictheaters #bespoke CKTLS meet Dinner & a Movie