In this sequel to the kid-friendly sports comedy The Mighty Ducks, Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) takes one more shot at a career as a professional hockey player, but a severe knee injury sidelines him for good. However, his success coaching a rag-tag pee-wee hockey team in Minneapolis (as chronicled in the first film) has attracted the attention of a major sportswear firm, which hires him to coach the United States team for the Junior Goodwill Games. Gordon reassembles most of the Mighty Ducks along with several new players, including a huge bully who is great on defense (if low on social skills), a figure skater who knows how to move on the ice, and a hotshot goalie who happens to be a girl. However, the excitement of a trip to Los Angeles and a large dose of overconfidence puts the team at a severe disadvantage when they're pitted against the top-ranked Icelandic team.

  • Mar 25, 1994
  • Family

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Cast & Crew

  • Emilio EstevezActor

  • Kathryn ErbeActor

  • Michael TuckerActor

  • Mike VitarActor

  • Kenan ThompsonActor

  • Marguerite MoreauActor

  • Elden RatliffActor

  • Jan RubesActor

  • Joshua JacksonActor

  • Brandon AdamsActor