After many attempts of living up to her legendary grandma’s legacy, fake paranormal expert, CARMEL MONSERATT (KIM CHIU) finds it hard to relive the glory days of their family business, P.E.K.T.U.S. (Paranormal Extraction and Kulam. Try Us, and saving their family house from foreclosure. Their dirty tricks don’t work anymore, because unlike the rest of her family, Carmel doesn’t really have any special power. Together with her friends BAGANG (PEPE HERRERA), PONZI (LASSY), BASHA (MOI BIEN) and her best friend, JEJE (RYAN BANG) who’s secretly in love with her. They try all they can to make PEKTUS work again. Until one day, their efforts finally pay off. A rich architect, JACK COLMENARES (ENZO PINEDA), hires them to exorcize his haunted mansion in exchange for a lump sum of money. Without second thoughts, Carmel brought her friends in. Only to find out that inside the mansion, lives the scariest malevolent ghosts in the surface of the earth. But what’s scarier is, in this mansion, Carmel was able to come face to face with the true horror of her life: her true self.

  • Opening Apr 27

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