Misael (John Leguizamo, CRITICAL THINKING, ICE AGE, WHEN THEY SEE US) is imprisoned, waiting to be sentenced for a revenge crime against the man who killed his child. During his confinement, he must adapt to a new life of abuse, including injury and humiliation by guards and other prisoners. His former life starts to become a distant memory as he is forgotten by his loved ones, Misael, lonely and abandoned, finds affection and tenderness in Sarna, the dog of the prison.

  • 1 hr 23 minNR
  • Sep 10, 2021

Cast & Crew

  • Adriana BarrazaActor

  • John LeguizamoActor

  • Ramiro MenesesActor

  • Alvaro RodriguezActor

  • Hernan MendezActor

  • Maria Nela SinisterraActor

  • Harold TrompeteroDirector

  • Mauricio BrunettiProducer

  • Harold TrompeteroWriter