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In a nation where anybody can become President, what would happen if somebody gave a nobody the keys to the Oval Office? Academy Award-winner Kevin Kline stars as Dave Kovic, a mild-mannered office manager who looks exactly like the President of the United States whom he is hired to impersonate. But when a sudden illness waylays the President, Dave's one-night job doesn't end, and he must deal with the hilarious complications of fooling an entire country, as well as an increasingly suspicious First Lady.

  • 1 hr 50 minPG13
  • May 7, 1993
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Kevin KlineActor

  • Sigourney WeaverActor

  • Ving RhamesActor

  • Stephen RootActor

  • Kevin DunnActor

  • Laura LinneyActor

  • Anna Deavere SmithActor

  • Arnold SchwarzeneggerActor

  • Bonnie HuntActor

  • Charles GrodinActor