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Dazed and Confused Rated R

Dazed and Confused R PT0M

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Richard Linklater
Jason London, Milla Jovovich, Rory Cochrane
Release Date
September 24, 1993

Movie Buzz

  • @weirdsoulxx

    RT @wild_flower420: dazed and confused will forever be my favorite movie

  • @kristen21999

    dazed and confused just played in the movie theatre im obsessed @jakemiller

  • @oliviaruppert42

    I'm just saying Dazed and Confused has one of the best movie soundtracks ever

  • @RaucousRebel

    If you had to live the rest of your life in a movie w... — I'm gonna say Dazed and Confused because all they do ...

  • @kaiastevens1

    Dazed and confused is such a great movie

  • @Moonooskye

    Dazed and Confused❤ Love this movie!

  • @timetorauhl

    They're playing the Dazed And Confused music video on the big screen in the movie theater rn! @jakemiller