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Victor (Farrell), a professional killer and the right hand man to an underground crime lord in New York City, is seduced and blackmailed by Beatrice (Rapace), a crime victim seeking retribution. Their chemistry and intense relationship leads them to execute a violent and cathartic plan for revenge.

Running Time
1 hr 50 min
Release Date
March 8, 2013

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  • @elle_seeee

    Just finished watching "Dead Man Down." The movie was great but seeing Collin Farrell & all of his sexiness made it that much better.

  • @AlthouseNick

    RT @khope026: dead man down is such a good movie ✊

  • @dretorrance

    Dead man down was a good as movie

  • @lourdessandoval

    Dead Man Down is such a good movie!

  • @khope026

    dead man down is such a good movie ✊

  • @M_ati_C

    Watching dead man down...good movie

  • @StreamMovieLink

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