Every person has his or her own what if. What if I pursue traveling the world? What if I choose to stay? These are exactly the what ifs running in the mind of Becky (Jodi Sta Maria). Becky has always been torn between living a life of responsibility for her family and living a life of adventure by traveling the world. Little did she know that her life could follow two different paths depending on whether she goes through a series of unfortunate events prior to her major client presentation or not. What if she pursues her dream to travel abroad? In this track, Becky takes the opportunity to travel, when she gets fired from her job in an advertising firm after a disastrous pitch. In her journey, she meets a backpacker, Henry (Xian Lim), who gives her a taste of a life of excitement and spontaneity. What if she stays and lives a life of responsibility? In this track, Becky's successful presentation jumpstarts her career which becomes a stronger reason for her to stay with and provide for her family. An unexpected romance ensues between Becky and her officemate Chris (Joseph Marco) who makes her experience a life of security and stability. In this story showing two parallel narratives of the same character, we explore how our varying responses to circumstances lead to different experiences, relationships, dilemmas and what ifs. Witnessing two possibilities in one person's life makes us wonder: will seeing how a different version of our life unfold make us more content with what we already have?

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  • Drama

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