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A woman could have been called Albertine, Francoise or Josette. It fell on Maria... This obliges it to specify regularly that it is neither Spanish, nor Portuguese, nor Italian. She?s 45, she?s a housekeeper, smiling, shy and clumsy. She never leaves her notebook of flowers in which she writes poems, in secret. Oratio, her old husband bear for 25 years, who is very Portuguese, listens to fado all day long. When Maria is assigned to the School of Fine Arts, she meets Hubert, the fantastical guardian of the School for 20 years. This "active depressive", who trains to have the swaying of Elvis Presley will put the red on Maria?s cheeks. When one has always been faithful, docile, devoted and discreet, how can one not succumb? And isn?t it time to let life take over?

  • Sep 30, 2022
  • Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Karin ViardActor

  • Gregory GadeboisActor

  • Philippe UchanActor

  • Noee AbittaActor

  • Lauriane EscaffreDirector

  • Yvonnick MullerDirector

  • Yvonnick MullerWriter

  • Lauriane EscaffreWriter