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Delivery Man Rated PG13

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An immature middle-age man discovers he has fathered over 530 children throughout the years through sperm donations. When 142 of his offspring file a class-action lawsuit to reveal their dadas identity, he must decide whether he is going to become a real father.

Running Time
1 hr 43 min
Ken Scott
Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt, Cobie Smulders
Release Date
November 22, 2013

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  • @EmanuelSoto5

    Delivery man such a good movie!

  • @_hannnahb

    delivery man is a good movie

  • @biancaaduh

    delivery man is my favorite movie atm😭💘

  • @Sfabulous777

    "@LeslieDJoseph: I thought the @VlNCEVAUGHN movie 'Delivery Man' was pretty good. Very touching." we all watched it as a family! Great Movie


    RT @LeslieDJoseph: I thought the @VlNCEVAUGHN movie 'Delivery Man' was pretty good. Very touching.

  • @ktlynobrn

    Delivery Man is such a touching movie

  • @dean_spitz27

    Delivery Man is a lunchin movie