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Movie Buzz

  • @HiThereSmiley

    Listens to dramatic OSTs and movie scores to get the right feel for writing a crazy deranged character

  • @iOVORauhl

    They had Peeta looking like a deranged wolf for 95% of the movie but idc that's still my man

  • @TomB9111

    A violent act by a deranged individual. Look at his eyes in the ploice photos. Same as the Movie Shooter. Eyebrowsup

  • @ladyjpzyP

    I watched the movie.."Purged" what if they did pass some sick,twisted,deranged law jus like that as blacks,the...

  • @stoddardhannah2

    Babadook is probably the most deranged movie I've ever seen!😂😂@chubbychaseram @smithkaitlynn17

  • @kris10huber

    It's deranged that my family's favorite Christmas movie is Bad Santa 🎅🏻

  • @Evidence4school

    Those deranged, mentally-ill people who shoot in movie theaters, shoot innocent woman and children in (cont)