DOORBEEN is an adventure comedy film which revolves around the conflict between police and a village named Vellypur. Vellypur & its people are known for producing and supplying the desi shraab (Country Liquor) in the surrounding areas. Police had tried hard for the last 20 years but had failed in their attempts to stop the illegal supply of liquor. A newly appointed D.S.P is given the task to crack the case, but he is given tough time by the villagers. He decides to implant an undercover agent in the village as a school teacher, but the villagers make a fool of him everytime. Eventualy, the D.S.P decides to beat the information out of them. He tries so but softens when the reality is shown to him as why they started that stuff and what were their problems are. What happens next ?

  • 2 hr 6 minNR
  • Sep 27, 2019