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Movie Buzz

  • @antonpictures

    I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/YXKMfcpSE9 George Anton's Dracula (2009) 1h 22min ♥ FULL MOVIE

  • @rojassimonides

    Dracula's Daughter * 8x10 movie promo picture still 1936 http://t.co/FUYZiTZes1 http://t.co/gaJfqrlF2Z

  • @QueenKay501

    No matter how many times I've seen this movie I still get creeped out watching it alone #DRACULA 😁 good movie tho

  • @DJPrinceDurham

    Watching another good movie this late up..."Dracula Bites The Wolfman neck and gets hair on this tongue."

  • @caitlancole

    I'm entirely too obsessed with British Lit.. I even like watching the movie versions which is why I'm not asleep & watching Dracula

  • @Emms_H

    ig I'm gonna watch Bram Stoker's Dracula @Zak_Bagans where u at Bae I need a movie buddy


    Get your garlic ready, because this Friday's Dive-In Movie is Dracula Untold, brought to you by @callerdotcom and @c101rocks! #vivaCC