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  • @GOAppreciation

    RT @SerenaBelle: Gary Oldman, FOREVER the best Dracula. I just watched this movie yesterday! I love Gary Oldman!! http://t.co/3YKQJonzqU

  • @ciscomendoza

    Bram Stoker's Dracula (7/8) Movie CLIP - Rats (1992) HD http://t.co/NCBveeQHJS

  • @JasonAlacrity

    Photo: Halloween movie madness night 2: Dracula. #universalmonsters #dracula #halloween http://t.co/Pvet3ns1rS

  • @JasonAlacrity

    Halloween movie madness night 2: Dracula. #universalmonsters #dracula #halloween https://t.co/6r198s5Amh

  • @ThisMomWinesLV

    Love this movie! Francis Ford Coppola Looks Back on ‘Dracula’ and Reflects on Hollywood’s Superhero Obsession https://t.co/KdV2Hxdy2v via

  • @lizzywheeler

    October the Vampire Movie Month 3/15-"Dracula 2000" (2000). In a horribly-shot film for the new… https://t.co/eRTdaHAGnc

  • @Swazi4

    Wait, Dracula can take the form of a wolf? Now I need to see the horrid Dracula vs Wolf Man movie from the 70s.