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  • @ClubbingTV

    Untold Festival is in Transylvania! Tell us what your favorite Dracula movie is! https://t.co/LLJolVT1uD @UntoldFestival

  • @HalloweenList

    Movie Trailer - Horror Of Dracula #nowplaying on Halloweenradio Oldies #onair

  • @mailart_movie

    RT @Dr_Giallo: MAX SCHRECK as #DRACULA (actually ORLOK) … #vampire #horror https://t.co/mjTYkWAw3G

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    DRACULA VINTAGE MOVIE POSTER XL CANVAS PRINT 24"X 36" https://t.co/USZ2UMdcvA https://t.co/JHibOFXKlR

  • @kamenriderforz1

    Just watched "Nostalgia Critic Can a Film Be So Good It’s Bad?" Dracula is a good movie but is a bit long https://t.co/dlYlh4Umli

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    Art Vintage Retro Movie Posters Canvas Stretched Framed Free Shpping Made in North America… https://t.co/1FoB4qC2JL https://t.co/NDEvZZJ5JX

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    "The Brides of Dracula" (1960) is a provoking movie (B) #ConamaraViews <oay55l>