DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy

Far to the north on the isle of Berk, Vikings and dragons live together in playful harmony. Only, poachers pose a constant threat to this idyllic world. This is where you come in - enlist in the Dragons Flight Academy and help Hiccup and Astrid rescue the village from invaders. Just be ready - one roar from Toothless is all it takes to send you and your dragon soaring off to the Hidden World on a rescue mission, where danger and peril lurk behind every rock and cavern. Find out if you have the courage and fire it takes to save the day and earn your dragon wings.

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Plan Ahead

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time to check in. The DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy adventure is for ages 8 and up. All other Dreamscape adventures are for ages 10 and up. Click below for more tips to prepare for your adventure.

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Meet Your Flight Trainers

Try not to be starstruck! You’ll be training with the most famous Vikings in Berk. Astrid and Hiccup need you to learn fast - and fly even faster - to keep up with their fearless dragons, Toothless and Stormfly.

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Become a Viking

Suit up in your Viking armor, and your aerodynamic avatar transforms you into a Dragon flyer, ready for adventure. You’ll soar through the skies with the sun on your helmet and the wind in your braids - just watch out for the flaming rocks and arrows hurled your way!

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Your Dragon Awaits

Will you ride a fiery Threadtail? Or will you connect better with a skydiving Windstriker? Your class of up to eight rookie dragon flyers has some big, fire-breathing decisions to make before you even leave the dragon barn.

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Fly to the Hidden World

Steer your dragon through cliffs and canyons, then veer into the luminescent caves of the Hidden World on a breathtaking shortcut through a utopia few Vikings ever get to see.