Epilogue Rated NR

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Berl and Hayuta live in a cluttered flat in Tel Aviv. They are both over 80 and have one son who has left for New York…and Berl won’t talk to him for having done it. Their only source of income is the insultingly meager Social Security pension, their health and fitness is so-so, they refuse to adjust to a world that has trampled under its feet every notion they had believed in. Disappointed and powerless, Hayuta and Berl refuse to be tolerated as unnecessary, irrelevant burdens, but they are left no choice. The cinematographer is Guy Raz, director of the Israeli feature, Mabul. In Hebrew with English subtitles.

Running Time
1 hr 36 min
Release Date
October 10, 2013

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  • @thenewstorm

    "Signs," Badmarsh & Shri (end credits to movie of "Battle in Seattle") http://t.co/VWC573Gh3j (epilogue to WTO summits)

  • @euneun93

    I love how the epilogue is inspired by 10 Things I Hate About You. I love that movie so much so it was really cool! #TUDWATTPAD

  • @pustophlese

    epilogue movie eragon 5 is a lighthearted film about raising a dragon farm

  • @Angeeeeliiikay

    I just reach the epilogue of Heaven Is For Real. And now dying to watch the movie. 👻

  • @ElissaSussman

    No. Wait. There's an epilogue. This movie is a mess. But worth if for 88 minutes of Fairuza's lovely voice #docwatch

  • @Rusher_Lover

    @Hibbits Make Us A Favor And Make The Epilogue The Best Part of The Movie 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 #MockingjayPart2

  • @fuggybootnling

    The Breakfast Club totally stands up as a classic movie...except for the epilogue. No reason for the forced romantic pairings.