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October 10, 2013

Movie Buzz

  • @jayplaha

    I swear the epilogue in the last Harry Potter movie gets more cringe worthy every time I watch it

  • @oywithepoodles

    I might be the only person who does but I like the epilogue. Though it is a little cheesy in the movie. #Mockingjay

  • @EmperorOTN

    What was the 1st movie with an epilogue showing the protagonist has written a book about their experience with the same title as the movie

  • @funnlim

    #CaptainAmericaCivilWar epilogue cld hv been Pixar's Incredibles!! Looking forward to new spidey movie & more Cap!

  • @Crab83991783

    RT @HomeSweetHaven: @approximofnice Does he think Haven ended where it should have or would he be on board for maybe a TV movie type of epi…

  • @LisaMForman

    The Piano (11/11) Movie CLIP - Epilogue (1993) HD https://t.co/PlSnvAbzWa via @YouTube

  • @janainadla

    RT @50shades_gt: 📷 everythingdakotajohnson: Fifty Shades Freed - Book Meets Movie (x) ↳ Epilogue {The Big House, May... https://t.co/WY7j5Q…