Everybody Wants Some!! Rated R

Everybody Wants Some!! https://cdn.amctheatres.com/titles/images/Poster/Standard/4034_everybody-wants-some_CF60.jpg R https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Trailers/214935_med.mp4 PT117M


A 'spiritual sequel' to DAZED AND CONFUSED set in the world of 1980 college life, EVERYBODY WANTS SOME is a comedy that follows a group of friends as they navigate their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood. Get ready for the best weekend ever.

Running Time
1 hr 57 min
Richard Linklater
Tyler Hoechlin, Zoey Deutch
Release Date
March 30, 2016

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  • @GarretRoelfsema

    "Everybody wants some!!" Is SDSU in a movie

  • @thatucemaika

    Everybody Wants Some is the movie to watch😂🙌🏾

  • @ibethsuwarto

    Everybody Wants Some!! - Back to 80's https://t.co/evTq0SZ1Jn

  • @sampierron

    So, I know nobody saw it, but has there ever been better use of Pink Floyd in a movie than the "Fearless" scene in "Everybody Wants Some!!"?

  • @Spice__Weasel

    I watched Everybody Wants Some!! on the plane & it was certainly a movie

  • @tbestmoviesnews

    Everybody Wants Some #MOVIE CLIPS Compilation (Comedy - 2016) https://t.co/z8yuKdO0Xj

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