Ex-Files 2: The Backup Strikes Back Rated NR

Ex-Files 2: The Backup Strikes Back PT0M
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Seven years ago, Yu Fei went to a talent show audition, but was rejected for being late. Feeling sympathetic, the director's assistant, Yi Ze, secretly allowed Yu Fei in. To everyone's surprise, Yu Fei won the competition and became a star.AAfter seven years, Yi Ze becomes the assistant of an ad director. During a commercial shoot, the rising star Yu Fei encounters Yi Ze once again. In order to win the director's favor, Yu Fei ingratiates himself with Yi Ze so cunningly that she thinks he's in love with her. Realizing Yu Fei's hypocrisy, Yi Ze seeks revenge on Yu Fei under the guidance of a self-proclaimed love guru.

Romantic Comedy
Tian Yu Sheng
Amber Kuo, Zheng Kai
Release Date
November 6, 2015