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Exodus Rated NR

Exodus PT0M
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Release Date
September 15, 1961

Movie Buzz

  • @CBaleNews

    Exodus: Gods and Kings Full Movie - YouTube

  • @tre990

    Is it bad that I didn't boycott the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings??

  • @LeeFor_3

    The movie "Exodus" is really good

  • @danny_824

    Exodus is such a great movie. I was waiting for the part when Moses turned his stick into a snake though.

  • @adanrv55

    Omg Exodus was such a good movie 🙌🏽

  • @CBaleNews

    Exodus Gods and Kings Full Movie || “Online” || - YouTube

  • @alldatcasss

    Do not like the movie Exodus. Feel like they did as much as they could to make it as non-biblical as possible.