Francisca has seemingly been unfazed by death from an early age--her mother, formerly a surgeon in Portugal, imbued her with a thorough understanding of the human anatomy. When tragedy shatters her family's idyllic life in the countryside, her deep trauma gradually awakens some unique curiosities. As she grows up, her desire to connect with the world around her takes a distinctly dark form. Shot in crisp black and white, the haunting visual compositions of THE EYES OF MY MOTHER evoke its protagonist's isolation and illuminate her deeply unbalanced worldview. Genre-inflected but so strikingly unique as to defy categorization, writer/director Nicolas Pesce's stunning feature debut allows us only an elliptical presence in Francisca's world, guiding our imaginations to follow her into peculiar, secret places.

  • Horror

Cast & Crew

  • Kika MagalhaesActor

  • Paul NazakActor

  • Will BrillActor

  • Diana AgostiniActor

  • Clara WongActor

  • Flora DiazActor

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