John Osborn plays the role of Fernando, a young postulant who has fallen in love with the 'favorite' mistress of the King of Castile, Alfonso XI. Illustrated by a beautiful libretto, this love triangle unfolds in Spain during the power struggles between church and state and their uprisings. Veronica Simeoni fully and intensely embodies Leonora de Guzman, never overplaying but with incredible sensibility. Once the truth is discovered, the explosion of love is hindered and Ferdinand returns to the monastery to meditate upon his disastrous learning sublimely performing 'Amante del re! ... Angelo cosA puro' (King's lover! ... such a pure angel). Full of remorse Leonore treks to the monastery where Fernando overwhelms her with reproaches for what she did accompanied by the powerful and moving duet, 'Andate via di qui.' 'Go away' before finally forgiving her. However, in the end, exhausted and weakened by the long journey she dies at the foot of the altar and in his arms.

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