Flight Rated R

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FLIGHT tells the redemption story of 'Whip', a commercial airline pilot who pulls off a heroic feat of flying in a damaged plane, saving 98 lives on a flight carrying 106 people. While the world begs to embrace him as a true American Hero, the everyman struggles with this label as he is forced to hold up to the scrutiny of an investigation that brings into question his behavior the night before the doomed flight.

Running Time
2 hr 19 min
Release Date
November 2, 2012

Movie Buzz

  • @emjbanks

    I watched the movie True Story on my flight. A good cast, intriguing synopsis (crime thriller+journalism!) — and it was TERRIBLE. 👎

  • @BluelipsTx

    @pecenipigiwi How would you like it if I accused you of something without knowing you? Watch the movie Flight From Death, I'm in it.

  • @Flight_bills

    Why my backyard look like a horror movie http://t.co/r86ywexImU

  • @Elnando32IRL

    RT @iMovie5: The Flight, movie where Denzel Washington is greatest interpretative maturity. http://t.co/P11CvF5Y7s

  • @Trobsmonkey

    Complimentary movie on my flight! Wall-e time http://t.co/KdJ34cGwzR

  • @NasyrahJ

    Looking at his face, worry is not exist. Watched #IronLady movie at flight. She's working harder and… https://t.co/ZVCtUisB3A

  • @strictlyandlow

    Sitting on this flight with 8 hours to go. Back to back movie #4