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Michael Trainer (Matthew Modine) is a high-powered corporate lawyer, estranged from his family and his humanity; Jamal Randolph (Shane Paul McGhie) is an angry young man who has been imprisoned after enduring years of abuse in the corrupt foster care system. If Michael and Jamal can overcome their differences, they may find justice for Jamal and expose the immorality of for-profit foster care.

  • 1 hr 49 minNR
  • Sep 18, 2020
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Louis Gossett Jr.Actor

  • Matthew ModineActor

  • Shane Paul McGhieActor

  • Dominic BurgessActor

  • Krystian Alexander LyttleActor

  • Anand Desai-BarochiaActor

  • Evan HandlerActor

  • Lex Scott DavisActor

  • Michael HyattActor

  • Michael BeachActor