Four Rated R

Four R PT75M


In a nameless, suburban American town, the smell of barbeque fills the air as Fourth of July celebrations move from a hot summer day into night. Joe, a man who works hard and travels a lot, leaves his family behind for the holiday, citing a business trip. Abigayle, his precocious daughter, is left to tend to her ill mother and manage the house on her own, yet again. Seeking just enough attention to get her through another night of her lonely responsibilities, she turns to Dexter, a former high school basketball star whose best days are behind him. And while Abigayle is out with Dexter, Joe is secretly spending time around town with June, a much younger man he met online, who's struggling to accept himself. And for just this night, the small world that these four live in will become even smaller, though the freedom they experience will never be as dangerous, fleeting and honest.

Running Time
1 hr 15 min
Release Date
September 13, 2013

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    Super recommend Mishima: A Life in Four Acts. Stunning movie.

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