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Four Sisters And A Wedding Rated NR

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The story of the Salazar sibdie (Toni), the eldeslings namely Tedt, who works as a teacher in Spain; Bobbie (Bea), who is now successful in New York; Alex (Angel), the third child who is a Manila-based independent film assistant director; Gabbie (Shaina), a school teacher who lives at home together with their mother; and CJ(Enchong) the youngest child who put all his sisters in shock when he announced that he is going to marry his girlfriend for three months, Princess. After a few years of not being together as a whole family, Teddie, Bobbie, Alex, and Gabbie come together for the wedding and have agreed to dissuade their baby brother from marrying his fiancAe. But as they interact with each other for the wedding, the Salazar siblings also face the feelings and issues they've tried to keep for the longest time.

Running Time
2 hr 0 min
Release Date
July 5, 2013

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  • @Aimeeiable

    What's the movie that made you cry? — Four sisters and a wedding lol.

  • @lenillellinel

    Lots of tears for Four Sisters and A Wedding. Relate sa #middlechildissues Great movie but it sucks to be me right now.

  • @itsmemitcheng

    What was the last movie you watched? Did you like it? — Hmm I think the "Four sisters and a wedding with Juan - ...

  • @kidastrid

    Lazy Sunday movie: Four Sisters and a Wedding

  • @akoesteeb

    What's the movie that made you cry? — Four Sisters and a Wedding

  • @patitrebolos

    Watching Four Sisters And A Wedding! Loooove this movie!

  • @joaanaee

    Watched Four Sisters and a Wedding for #NationalSiblingsDay !! Third movie to make me cry ;( :)))